DESCRIPTION: The Italian Greyhound is very similar to the Greyhound, but much smaller and more slender in all proportions and of ideal elegance and grace

HEAD: Narrow and long, tapering to nose, with a slight suggestion of stop.

SKULL: Rather long, almost flat.

MUZZLE:     Long and fine

NOSE: Dark. It may be black or brown or in keping with the color of the dog. A light or partly pigmented nose is a fault.

TEETH:Scissor bite. A badly undershot or overshot mouth is a fault.

EYES:     Dark, bring, intelligent, medium in size. Very light eyes are a fault.

EARS: Small, fine in texture, thrown back and folded except when alerted, then carried folded at right angles to the head. Erect or button ears severly penalized.

NECK:   Long, slender and gracefully arched.

BODY: Of medium length, short coupled, high at withers, back cured and drooping at hindquarters, the highest point of the curve at start of lion, creating a definate tuck-up at flanks.

SHOULDERS: Long and shoping.

CHEST: Deep and narrow.

FORELEGS: Long, straight, set well under shoulders, long pasterns, fine bone.

HINDQUARTERS: Long, well muscled thigh, hind legs parallel when viewed from behing, hocks well let down, well bent stifle.

FEET: Hare foot with well arched toes. Removal of dew claws optional.

TAIL: Slender and tapering to a curved end, long enough to reach the hock, set low, carried low. Ring tail a serious fault, gay tail a fault.

COAT: Skin fine and supple, hair shor, glossy like satin and soft to the touch.

COLOR: Any Color and markings are acceptable except that a dog with brindle markings and a dog with the tan markings nornally found on black and tan dogs of other breeds must be disqualified.

ACTION: High stepping and ree, frong and hind legs to more forward in a straight line/

SIZE: Height at withers ideally 13" to 15".

DISQUALIFICATION: A dog with brindle markings or a dog with tan marking nomally found on black and tan dogs of other breeds.

GROOMING: This is a breed that needs a daily brush, bathe once a week, for a show dog i like to keep them in Mink Oil [I mix in a sprtiz bottle and spray on their coats once a week and brush it into the coat, the best bathing shampoo i have found on this breed is a mild shampoo conditioner combined {of which there are several brands available}, teeth and anals need to be done once a week, nails i do on a regular shcedule, i like to keep them ground short.